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The Staple Driver's are designed to be easy to use, robust and dependable, saving both time and energy. The magnetised tip, comfortable grips, staple retention device and recessed slot result in a no nonsense must have for the countryman and hobbyist alike.


Simply select the correct staple, by hand or with the inbuilt magnet, located in the Driver's tip (particularly useful if wearing gloves).


Push the arched end of the staple into the slot until you feel a click, which means the spring loaded ball bearing has engaged, gripping the nail.


Offer the driver and staple up to the wire, or mesh, pressing against the fence/timber. Grip the driver firmly and strike like you would a chisel, until the face of the driver is almost flush with the post/timber. Pull the driver away and hit the staple home with a couple of finishing strikes if required.

*We recommend the use of high quality, known brand staples as their consistency in size and shape tend to give a better fit in our Staple Drivers. However all staple brands will vary to some degree, consequently a snug fit is not always achieved. Our Staple Driver team highly recommend the John George staples which we stock on our products page.



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