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  • What is a Staple Driver and how is it used?
    Staple Drivers are a range of tools designed to become your best friend, griping staples for all your fencing and DIY needs. Please check out the home page for more details, you will also find videos on the instructional page showing our two style of Staple Driver in use. For any more infomation, please drop us a message on
  • Where are Staple Drivers manufactured?
    Our Staple Drivers are all designed, manufactured and assembled in our workshop on our farm, in the heart of the Somerset countryside.
  • Can all staples be used in the Staple Drivers?
    Manufacturing standards and staple uniformity can vary significantly between brands, so we highly recommend known brand, high quality staples. We find John George staples fit the bill perfectly and can be found stocked on our products page. Barbed staples will also fit the Drivers.
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